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Q&A Hosting and Services - Show your own used IP

Questions and Answers (Q&A) - 1awww-Hosting - Show your used IP

Your computer is connected via IP:




If you are connected to the Internet via a router or proxy, the IP address of your personal computer may be different. The IP of your Internet connection is displayed.

Your IP may change:

Note the difference between dynamic and static IPs:

Static IPs are assigned to you for a longer period of time and do not change!
Dynamic IPs will only be assigned to you for a short time and you will receive a new one, e.g. after disconnection (short term or after approx. 30 minutes) and new connection of your modem, router etc.!


Traceability via IP:

In principle, every Internet user on the Internet is anonymous, provided that the use is not a criminal offence, you as a user usually remain anonymous!

Every access to pages, services, etc., is logged on the Internet by the access providers (e.g. your telephone company, which makes the Internet service possible for you at all) and also by the Internet service providers and their customers for the use of the websites! However, this does not mean that you as a retrieval customer are directly traceable!

In the case of criminal offences, however, the injured party can report these to the legal authorities, which means that the entire chain is evaluated and can also be traced back in the case of telephone dial-ups, for alleged anonymous dial-ups, through the "called telephone number" and the traceability via the telephone provider and their individual call records, which are kept in many EU countries due to changed legal situations and also otherwise for longer than many months!

"So-called "fun orders" today also lead to traceability, which can become very expensive and bitter due to the costs incurred and the consequences of such crimes!

However, you can almost certainly assume that if you comply with the law, you will remain anonymous!

What is a domain anyway?