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You have no correct connection with Internet?

This can have many causes, first you should already open a DOS box (under Windows: START – Explain – cmd.exe or with Windows 95/98 in the Dos box give you sometimes please the following order now:


you receive information about your local network settings. If necessary several network maps are available in your computer. Now you check sometimes first from whether you have a connection to one of the indicated gateways:

ping Gateway-TCP-IP

A good answer occurs with the following approximate announcement: Answer from: 
Gateway-IP Bytes=xx time A bad answer would be: Time excess of the requirement

A bad answer a blocking can be founded in your Firewall or in the Firewall of the gateway. However, otherwise no connection with the gateway, separate, e.g., management, gateway (exists already, e.g. Router) could call to themselves hangs etc. provided that you, however, about your Internet Explorer still all sides, is not functioning obviously ping, on account of e.g. Firewall-Settings.

Check your Firewall-Settings, at short notice if necessary you switch off this switch on (please directly afterwards again) and rather the problems look, why ping functions not cleanly. You already know the name Gateway from the airport. In this case, all inquiries are sent by Domain name or TCP IP addresses to the gateway which do not exist in own segment.

Their gateway, sends all demands further to the next gateway etc. which is not steered maybe already any more even by you.

Now we come to the next step, because we assume from the fact that your gateway already passes on everything. Either you have put in your network settings static DNS entries, or you receive this from your Internet access provider via DHCP protocol. If you have put static DNS entries, these also appear in ipconfig – query.

Now pingen you, nevertheless, sometimes these DNS-TCP-IPs in. The DNS entries refer to name server: ping DNS-TCP-IP-Nummer got you a good one or a bad answer. With a bad answer, these DNS entries are wrong obviously. Then the Names are not chang to IPs, so Domain name to TCP-IP cannot occur obviously and you should check whether you have wrong put the DNS entries if necessary or your Internet access provider has obviously a problem.

If everything feels well, had to go: ping Domaine.xx expl. a good answer deliver.

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