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All 1awww.com customers will receive renewal e-mails in good time before the renewals due. These will be sent approx. 4 weeks before the renewal and then in weekly intervals to the mail address entered in the MWI until the renewal has taken place. Please make sure that you always keep your e-mail address and other address data, i.e. your master data in the MWI, up to date! To be on the safe side, you should enter the mail addresses of 1awww.com in a spam white list in your mail settings so that you are always informed about the upcoming renewals!

For web spaces that are due for renewal, you will only receive a renewal e-mail if your credit is not sufficient or if domain renewals are due at the same time! For domain/server/certificate renewals, you will receive this renewal mail even if you have sufficient credit.

You can always fill up your credit on your customer account in any amount and only the due fees will be charged to your customer account! 

The following status information has the following meaning - the determination of the respective dates is done by the respective registry, the respective object and is not influenced by 1awww.com:


The extension of the object, is due to the date specified above! For domains, these due dates are specified by the respective registry. For various registries, the due date may be a few weeks before the expiration date, e.g. for AT domains! 
However, the renewal period starts on the expiration date and increases by the time of the renewal period! The contract period is shortened by the premature payment date, not by it!  
According to our AGBs advance payment is agreed. Please ensure a sufficient credit! If your credit is not sufficient, the domain will be deleted if necessary and can be restored if necessary only by a Restore, which is many times more expensive! Furthermore, the payment claim remains valid even if the domain is deleted! For some domains, a restore is not possible and the domain can be registered by any other person!

expire unpaid

Domains that have not been paid on time will be cancelled on the expireunpaid date! Please do not rely on every domain having an additional expireunpaid period! Many domains, like DE/AT etc., will be automatically cancelled or returned to the registry if payment is not made in time for the pay date! This can become expensive for you with some domain endings, because a cancelled domain then possibly changes into the administration of the respective registry and then for the domain administration a multiple of fees could arise! 

According to our AGBs prepayment is agreed. Please ensure a sufficient credit! A restore (restoration after a deletion) is also much more expensive than a normal domain extension! Furthermore, if the domain has not been cancelled by you before, the claim for payment remains valid even in the case of a deletion!


The domain renewal fee has been successfully charged to your customer account, but the domain renewal has not yet been completed! The domain registry can cancel the domain renewal until the finalize date. In such a case, the renewal fees charged to your customer account will be credited to your account. 

Only rarely, there may be reasons why a domain registry cancels a domain renewal, e.g. if for certain domains, e.g. RU/CN, certain documents were not completed in time. 

Otherwise, the status finalize is only pure information for you and after the finalize phase has expired, the domain will be deemed to have been renewed. The finalize phase is determined by the individual domain registries!


Das Objekt verlängert sich zum fälligen Datum. Sorgen Sie bitte für ein ausreichendes Guthaben!


The object has been cancelled by you and will be returned to the registry for some domains! 


The object was cancelled by you and will be deleted on the expiration date! A transfer afterwards is no longer possible. In rare cases a restore is still possible even after the deletion of the domain! However, a restore is much more expensive than a normal domain extension!

delete unpaid

Objects that have not been paid for on time will be deleted on the deleteunpaid date! Please do not rely on the fact that a restore is possible for this object!  
According to our AGBs advance payment is agreed upon. Please provide for a sufficient credit! A restore is much more expensive than a normal extension! Furthermore, the payment claim also remains with a deletion!