Privacy Policy:

Privacy Policy

New statements of privacy policy from the 25th may 2018

GPDR policy for direct customers

GPDR policy for Resellers


Old statements of privacy policy until 24th may 2018:

Statement on privacy policy

Processing of personal data
As a contractor for services of 1awww and the company in charge of the services, your data in accordance with the privacy policy of Europe, protected and saved to the usual contract-processing reasons and processed!
A transfer of data to third parties does not occur!

1awww and their associated contractors are the sole user of your dataand also bear the full responsibility for the use of your data. If desired, you can delete your data by 1awww. Sit in this case directly with your seller.

Declaration on the handling of personal data:

1. A transfer of personal data to third parties will not include any contractual deployments not take place.
2. The data is stored on secure servers located in data centers in the European Union.
3. Personal data consist only of (name, first name, street, city, possibly phone number, email address, birth date just because of the age-verification), which are required to process the order, and the order-activity data (item, quantity price etc).
4. accesses to data by unauthorized persons can be made largely impossible by encryption routines and we are doing everything imaginable in order to improve this safety forever.
5. You are entitled to a right that about you 1awww and their associated partners, retrieve stored data and if necessary we can delete incorrect data!

1awww declared the Privacy Policy:

1. 1awww and its affiliated contractors, only processes your specified datafor the purpose of normal contract settlement!
2. 1awww and their contractors undertake to use the data stored in the databases 1awww only in billing specific concerns for 1awww customers and not to give to others!
3. 1awww operates the databases on secure servers located in highly secured data centers in the European Union!
4. 1awww submits to the requirements of the valid laws in Europe, and in particular compliance with the safety regulations set by the EU for the use of personal data!
5. 1awww and their contractors to undertake requests to monitor and to evaluate to security concerns and the protection mechanisms have adapted to the highest possible safety standards!

Additional requirements of data for domain registrations / transfers domain:

1. of registering domains If additional data is collected, these data are of 1awww and their contractors, stored and processed only temporary. A storage after settlement does not take place in the systems of 1awww and associated contractors, however! Documentation, the purpose of verification required to be, but keep in the form of documents!

2. All data that are transmitted at a particular domain registration in the registry locations are used as a rule, to provide legitimate WHOIS queries. These are in particular domain, name, first name, company, street, city, ZIP code, telephone number, fax number. All other personal details will be stored by the domain Registeries for their contractual relationships!

Otherwise, the rules of the domain Registeries, see "Domain contracts and guidelines" are oligatory!