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Questions and Answers (Q&A) - 1awww-Hosting - The Master-Web-Interface (MWI) - Administration of your Domains, DNS-Zones, SSL-Certificates and so on

Via the master web interface, you can not only register domains and manage the associated DNS entries, order and manage SSL certificates, special phone numbers, etc., but you can even create your own customers and allow them to order as subcustomers from you and set your prices individually.

Many providers only provide limited areas of an administration interface, 1awww.com offers you the full range!

BUT: You may already be one step ahead and would like to professionally manage your domains, name servers, DNS zones, etc. yourself, so you can use this easy via the MWI

Using the Master Web Interface itself is free of charge and offers you hundreds of different functions. You can register without obligation! However, if you place orders via the Master-Web-Interface, these are considered binding and only in connection with our General Terms and Conditions!

Here are our step-by-step instructions for the first steps: