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Questions and Answers (Q&A) - 1awww-Hosting - Confixx is out of order

Doing what?

Confixx was not been developed by the developers of Confixx for some years now and due about no more updates for confixx are comming, we from 1awww have kept webspaces and servers with Confixx for years for compatibility reasons!

Confixx is a thing of the past - just maybe you are standing on the "line" right now and need urgent help / support?!

Our 1awww support can still help you! A small excerpt of our possibilities:

  • Provision of servers with Confixx installed, unfortunately we can no longer offer licenses!
  • Copying existing Confixx servers to restore a non-functioning Confixx server
  • Recovery of Confixx servers that are no longer functional due to manipulation or hardware defects.
  • Migration of Confixx webspaces / customers / resellers to new Plesk servers with prior transfer planning
  • For all questions about Confixx, please contact our support (click here)